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Here’s why it is important the ban on women fighting in combat has been lifted

1. Pay equality- Until now women, as a group, were paid less than their male counter-parts because they were unable to serve in “combat” as a member of a combat unit, you are allowed certain monetary benefits as well as commendations for acts of valor within a combat area. Women, though being placed in harm’s way and receiving a certain amount of combat pay for being in a war zone, were not receiving those full benefits because they were not officially serving in a combat role.

2. Military promotion, a.k.a. the military glass ceiling- You see the Joint Chiefs of Staff? You know that sausage-fest that is advising the president on important military matters? You know how they got there? They all served in a combat role. ALL OF THEM. That is the only way to get there. You want changes to how we use our military? I think women’s perspective may do that. But they can’t do that without being allowed to serve in a combat role. Hallelujah! The prospect of change!!! In other words, wanna save brown women? Make a way so that women (particularly brown/black ones) can speak up on their behalf and protect them.

3. Military culture- One of the barriers to women being treated equally in the military is that they aren’t being treated equally in the military. Because they were unable to serve in combat roles, they were viewed as second-class soldiers. Meaning they weren’t necessarily viewed as respectable members of the military and therefore, susceptible to sexual assault. I’m not saying that this will eliminate sexual assault. But it may help address the culture. Women will now be in more roles as Squad Leaders, First Sergeants, and Commanders. Whether or not to cover up a sexual assault will now fall to more women serving in those roles. This could lead to more prosecutions of sexual assault in the military.

If you have a problem with the war itself, I get it. I do too. Want to change the military industrial complex? ME TOO!! But that has little to do with equality coming to women in the military. That is a good thing. That is job equality. Good for American women and good for the women who are victims of American foreign policy.

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