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Watched Sunday Morning Politics

And I was amazed at the acrobatics performed by Republican talking heads. Apparently:

1. Democrats are holding up progress by criticizing the peacemeal approach which has been held up by lack of votes from Republican house members. Somehow, we’re supposed to ignore the fact that they aren’t just passing a clean bill, but instead just picking one or two pieces that they like and funding that.  This apparently doesn’t include cancer kids or head start kids.  Oh, we must think of the children!!!!

2. The nation’s credit rating was lowered because of the size of the debt. Funny, I remember it being directly related to the dysfunctional government. And here it is again on display for all to see.

3. That little chat that was inadvertently caught on tape between Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul?  Democrats are evil!  That is all. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.  What conversation?  The camera caught their stunt doubles.  Yeah, that’s it.

4. Oh and the Republicans don’t want to default on the debt, but…..

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Fun Facts~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



  • Women make up 50.7% (+0.0%) of the United States population
  • Women make up 20.0% (+3.0%) of the United States Senate
  • Women make up 17.9% (+1.3%) of the United States House of Representatives
  • Women make up 10.0% (-2.0%) of governors of U. S. states
  • Women make up 0.0% (+0.0%) of current/past Presidents of the United States

Updated with the final results of the latest election!

(Source: politicalmachine, via thepoliticalfreakshow)

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Does Joe Biden know how to work a room, or does Joe Biden know how to work a room?

Who is this old bird? They are flirting up a storm, lol.

 I love Joe Biden.  I think he’s the best VP we’ve had in more than 30 years.  Cheney was scary, Gore was creepy and boring, and Bush was, well, the introduction of Bush. But Joe,  he’s such a cool cat and he seems like such fun to be around.  I love Joe.


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In the rush to avoid going off the fiscal cliff, the House GOP killed Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill


Democratic and Republican members of Congress found something to agree about late Tuesday when they were told the House would not be voting this week on legislation to send tens of billions of dollars in aid to New York, New Jersey and other states slammed by October’s Superstorm Sandy.

“I am stunned, stunned,” Rep. Rob Andrews, D-N.J., told Politico. “I assume there is as tactical consideration here, that the Republican leadership didn’t want to be anywhere near a big spending bill after the fiasco of their handling the tax debate. I understand the tactics but there is a real human need here that is being ignored.”

“I stand here almost in disbelief and somewhat ashamed,” Rep. Michael Grimm, a Republican from Staten Island, said last night on the House floor, The Wall Street Journal writes. For the first time, he added, he was “not proud of the decision that my team has made.”

Rep. Nita Lowey, D-N.Y., said she felt “betrayed.”

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Texas Ends Funding of Planned Parenthood, Leaving 1,000s in the Lurch


AUSTIN, Texas (Daily News) — Texas can cut off funding to Planned Parenthood’s family planning programs for poor women, a state judge ruled Monday, requiring thousands to find new state-approved doctors for their annual exams, cancer screenings and birth control.

Judge Gary Harger said that Texas may exclude otherwise qualified doctors and clinics from receiving state funding if they advocate for abortion rights.

Texas has long banned the use of state funds for abortion, but had continued to reimburse Planned Parenthood clinics for providing basic health care to poor women through the state’s Women’s Health Program. The program provides preventive care to 110,000 poor women a year, and Planned Parenthood clinics were treating 48,000 of them.

Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit to stop the rule will still go forward, but the judge decided Monday that the ban may go into effect for now. In seeking a temporary restraining order, Planned Parenthood wanted its patients to be able to see their current doctors until a final decision was made.

“We are pleased the court rejected Planned Parenthood’s latest attempt to skirt state law,” attorney general spokeswoman Lauren Bean said. “The Texas Attorney General’s office will continue to defend the Texas Legislature’s decision to prohibit abortion providers and their affiliates from receiving taxpayer dollars through the Women’s Health Program.”

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All I can do right now is facepalm.

Which looks like this

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House passes fiscal cliff deal.


WASHINGTON (The New York Times) — Ending a climactic fiscal showdown in the final hours of the 112th Congress, the House late Tuesday passed and sent to President Obama legislation to avert big income tax increases on most Americans and prevent large cuts in spending for the Pentagon and other government programs.

The measure, brought to the House floor less than 24 hours after its passage in the Senate, was approved 257 to 167, with 85 Republicans joining 172 Democrats in voting to allow income taxes to rise for the first time in two decades, in this case for the highest-earning Americans. Voting no were 151 Republicans and 16 Democrats.

The bill was expected to be signed quickly by Mr. Obama, who won re-election on a promise to increase taxes on the wealthy.

Mr. Obama strode into the White House briefing room shortly after the vote, less to hail the end of the fiscal crisis than to lay out a marker for the next one. “The one thing that I think, hopefully, the new year will focus on,” he said, “is seeing if we can put a package like this together with a little bit less drama, a little less brinkmanship, and not scare the heck out of folks quite as much.”

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Before relenting to pass the bill, the House engaged in almost 2 hours of debate and sent a message to Senate Leader Harry Reed asking if the senate might consider amendments. Harry Reed said he wouldn’t be entertaining that, which is exactly what he should have done.

 Remember when Boehner was like, “It’s up to the Senate now”?  Well, this was what they came up with, for better or worse.  If y’all had better ideas ya shoulda gotten off your asses over the last 12 months, but all we got was crickets.  

Yeah, the deal kinda sucks.  While the tax situation is kind of resolved, the sequestration issues and the debt ceiling are still up in the air, to be kicked down the road yet again. I really sick of this. 

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Look, you know, God closes a door so that he can open up greater doors. I will continue to, you know, stand up and fight for this country. That’s my goal. And always remember, Abraham Lincoln only served one term in Congress, too.

Rep. Allen West, (R-Fla.) in a recent interview with NPR. He’s also compared himself to Harriet Tubman in the past, saying, “I’m here as the modern day Harriet Tubman to kind of lead people on the Underground Railroad away from that plantation into a sense of sensibility.”

Just. no.


You are not Abraham Lincoln or Harriet Tubman. 


And God did not open the door. The voters of Florida did. It’s labeled “Exit”

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Skeptical Avenger: Things You Can't Make Up: The Onion names Kim Jong Un 'Sexiest Man Alive,' Communist Party newspaper - missing the...


BEIJING — The online version of China’s Communist Party newspaper has hailed a report by The Onion naming North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un as the “Sexiest Man Alive” — not realizing it is satire.

The People’s Daily on Tuesday ran a 55-page photo spread on its…

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'Fix The Debt' CEOs Underfund Employee Retirement, Demand Cuts For Elderly


A group of high-profile corporate CEOs are lobbying Capitol Hill this week toput Social Security and Medicare cuts at the forefront of deficit reduction negotiations. Their own retirement funds, however, are secure: The coalition includes 54 CEOs who have amassed combined pension assets of more than $649 million from their companies’ executive retirement plans, according to a new report from the Institute for Policy Studies, titled “A Pension Deficit Disorder: The Massive CEO Retirement Funds and Underfunded Worker Pensions at Firms Pushing Social Security Cuts.”

The CEOs’ employees are much less secure in their retirement than the CEOs. According to the report, less than 60 percent of the 71 public companies offer pension plans for their employees. Of the 41 companies that do, 39 of them haven’t contributed enough to their workers’ pension funds to enable the plans to pay out their anticipated obligations. Among the companies with employee pension funds in the red, these deficits exceed $100 billion.


As the debate heats up over whether to cut Medicare, Social Security or Medicaid in order to maintain federal spending and corporate tax breaks, companies with well-compensated CEOs who preside over underfunded employee pension funds invite a new round of questions about the motives, and methods, of the CEOs pressuring Congress and the White House to cut programs for the middle class.

I sincerely hope that everyone reading this has been in touch with their Congressional Rep and Senators to tell them in no uncertain terms that we will not accept any cuts to safety net funding.  They will cave to these CEOs if the majority of us do not let them know we have not disengaged and are paying attention.

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DEA Responds to Legal Weed in Colorado and Washington: "Enforcement of the Controlled Substances Act remains unchanged"


In other words, the federal government will still come after you if you smoke pot in Colorado or Washington.

I needn’t remind you, of course, that the DEA is ultimately under the control of the President.

Except, I watched a 60 Minutes report just a week before the election and they said that they had essentially given up trying to prosecute pot possession cases (misdemeanors associated with the previously legal medical marijuana trade)  in CO because the juries have refused to convict- basically they’ve been nullifying the law.  The local federal attorney has “directed his resources elsewhere because there’s a recession and we don’t have the money to waste.”  So when they say there will be no change, well that’s not saying much.

Essentially, CO- they’re doing it right.

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Check out the ImpreMedia/Latino Decisions 2012 Latino Election Eve Poll

Just some breakdowns (note: the data may change as the results are polished),

  • 75% of all Latin@s voted for Obama
  • 81% age 18-30 voted for Obama
  • 78% of Central American origin voted for Obama
  • 79% of Mexican origin voted for Obama
  • 96% of Dominican@s voted for Obama [sheeeesh]
  • 83% of Puerto Ricans voted for Obama
  • 77% of all Latin@ women voted for Obama
  • 80% of naturalized Latin@s voted for Obama

And according to this NBC Latin@ article,

Latino voters were key in delivering battleground states.In Colorado,  87 percent of Latinos voted for Obama. In Ohio, it was 82 percent, and in Virginia, it was 66 percent. Strong Latino Democratic support also played a big factor in key Senate races. In Massachusetts, Obama got 89 percent of the Latino vote, and Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren received 86 percent of the Latino vote, “one of the decisive factors in putting her over the top,” according to Barreto.

From the same article,

At 23 percent, Governor Romney’s Latino support is dramatically lower than Bush’s support in 2004,  and John McCain’s 31 percent Latino support.” ”Republicans have to evaluate what policy platforms they will be endorsing, and how they communicate with Latino voters,” says Barreto.

Analysts were throwing out 40% as the magical percentage that Mitt Romney needed from the Latin@ vote and to say the very least, he failed big time. The preliminary data make the Republican platform seem unsustainable moving forward but only if Democrats keep enthusiasm high amongst Latin@s (especially 2nd, 3rd, 4th generation Latin@s) moving forward and with the assumption that Republicans don’t alter their party platform to accommodate the growing Latin@ vote. Obviously it has been all talk and there will be studies that claim that the impact maybe wasn’t as big as the election night talk but there are at least some some preliminary figures that indicate that at least some of the speculation surrounding Latin@s finally “came to fruition”, as political scientist Matt Barreto of the University of Washington notes, where President Obama and Democrats needed them.

I also want to highlight that of the naturalized Latin@ voters, 80% voted for President and 81% voted for Democratic candidates in the House of Reps. That’s huge (even if the total number may be small) so Democrats (hint hint) in office and those of you reading this who identify as Democrats, y’all should pay attention or apply pressure or do something to sustain or increase those numbers moving forward and you know, not deport 1,000,000 and counting.

Now if you’ve made it this far, I salute you and listen to Mexican legend Vicente Fernandez performing the superb Dean Martin song Return to Me (Regresa A Mí) alongside the great Tony Bennett. It was meant to be.

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